4 days until International Women’s Day, March 8!

Don’t forget, International Women’s Day is fast approaching! TVE is celebrating by featuring one of our women’s groups each day and offering a TREMENDOUS sale on the day — 20% off everything in the store when you shop with us on March 8!

Today’s Group: Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra, India



Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra is a craft workshop located several hours outside the city of Bangalore, in southern India. The SKKK workshop provides employment to hundreds of women and men in a community where jobs are scarce. Craftspeople create block-printed fabric, stoneware, cane furniture, and beautiful embroidered clothing and accessories. The bright geometric and floral patterned embroidery featured on pillowcases, belts, wall hangings and bags is the traditional skill of women of the Lombani tribe, nomadic people with a vibrant aesthetic culture who have historically been ostracized from Indian society. With the help of the SKKK workshop, the Lombani women are able to apply their traditional skills to marketable products. TVE Events Coordinator Emily Hammock spent time at the workshop in 2008. She recalls, “The women were grateful to have employment that allowed them be with their children and not commute to construction or mining jobs around the area. The Lombani traditional dress, as seen on the woman above, features a riot of color, texture and even sound — coins and shells jingle as the women move — and these women were proud to translate their culture into a prosperous career.”

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