A New Partnership!

“We stumbled across a small women’s weaving cooperative in rural Thailand today. We were impressed with the skill and attention to detail the women put into each of their products. The women were making reed mats to sell to the local market but were desperate to find a way to break into the international market. Karrah got right to work helping the women design placemats and drink coasters and picking out colors and patterns that could translate to a TVE customer. The women were so happy when we placed our first (and their first) order! There are 20 women in the cooperative and all will be utilized to get the order done on time and shipped to Bangkok to meet Karrah in October before she leaves. Kelly spoke to the women about upgrading their facility to protect the products and looms against the rainy season. The women will be submitting a budget to The Village Cooperative in order to obtain a small loan through which to renovate their center. This was an exciting partnership to come across and there is strong potential for this to be a long lasting relationship. You can find the new products at the TVE store in October! We are now busy at work at their new favorite place – Lub D! This upscale hostel is perfect for TVE groups traveling to Thailand. It’s Karrah’s first time in a hostel and she loves it!!

And just PROOF that yesterday’s post was no lie… are the candles Kelly and Karrah were talking about! Hilarious, no?