Bittersweet Departure

The group’s last day in Kenya was filled with shopping, shopping, and more shopping! After working hard for two weeks, these ladies needed a little retail therapy…and just in time for the holidays too!

We started at Kazuri Beads. Kazuri now employs 340 single mothers and has over 100 more on the waiting list. They have a wonderful production facility and showroom and needless to say the women went crazy buying hand-made, hand-painted, and hand-fired ceramic beaded jewelry. The Village Experience will have brand new Kazuri earrings and necklaces in the store starting Dec 3rd. Be sure to pick some up before we sell out!

From Kazuri,  we headed to Amani Ya Juu for a great lunch at their income-generating restaurant, a tour of the women’s handicraft project, and more shopping. We talked about the group’s most memorable moments and the most challenging…oddly enough, these moments turned out to be the same for many of the volunteers. What they will remember and think about the most is the medical clinic and the people they met. What challenged them the most was the overwhelming number of patients and the feeling of helplessness at not being able to heal everyone. Malaria and HIV/AIDs is so prevalent here that at times no end seems to be in sight.
I reassured them that the simple act of going to their remote village, taking the time to listen to their problems, and then genuinely attempting to ease their pain was more kindness than many of them had ever experienced. And with those words, we parted with a smile and a longing to return.