Contributions from Our Travelers!

The bright colors, rich traditions, and beautiful landscapes of Guatemala make for stunning photography, and our recent group of Franklin College and IU students couldn’t resist documenting their trip! From zip-lining to volunteering with Vamos Adelante and Open Windows, from traveling the stunning countryside to touring coffee plantations, our travelers captured this incredible experience every step of the way.


A woman sells fruit at a local market

Jessica and Brittany take a break from their shopping to smile for the camera

Eagle-eye view of the market

The group ready to zip-line through the jungle

Betsy zip-lining!

Painting a classroom at Vamos Adelante

” I loved everything about Guatemala! But, my favorite part was getting to play with the kids after we finished painting their school. I loved seeing their faces when they saw the finished rooms and then playing Hokey Pokey with them and getting to know them a little better.” — Brittany

Counting vitamins to distribute at Vamos Adelante

Volcano Fuego!

Posing in front of a volcano–a stunning sight!

Kelsie goofing off on the roof of the hotel

 “My trip to Guatemala with The Village Experience was the best week of my life! I am so glad I was able to travel with them. It was very rewarding to do some volunteer work while visiting a different country and learning about another culture. I can’t wait to travel with The Village Experience again!”– Kelsie

Group dinner at Cafe Sky

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