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Campaign: Ceylan Community Development


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Enjoying the new playground

Food distribution program to the elderly

Kids outside their new classroom

The Village Experience has been working with our partners, Vamos Adelante, in Guatemala for many years. We adopted the village of Ceylan in 2008 and have been providing access to education, healthcare, and nutritious food ever since. Our food distribution program for the elderly and malnourished is one of our favorite programs targeting those most in need of help. We support and uplift the team at Vamos Adelante and continue to work on programs that will improve the general overall living conditions for those in our program.

Social Justice Education
Rural villages in the Esquintla Province of Guatemala suffer from lack of access to basic education, healthcare, and nutritious food. Many of the families in Ceylan are migrant coffee farming families that struggle to make ends meet on a daily basis and often require their children to work, bypassing an education. Through the program that Vamos Adelante has implemented, families have the opportunity to educate their children, provide them with proper medical care, install clean water and wood-saving stoves in their homes, and learn valuable income-generating skills.

Past Accomplishments
The Village Experience has provided funding and land for 6 primary school classrooms and equipped them with furniture and school supplies. We recently built a large-scale playground and sports recreational area for the children of Ceylan – complete with swings, slides, monkey bars, and soccer/basketball court. We provided funding for 10 new sewing machines and training for the women of the community so they can develop a useful and hopefully profitable skill set. Land was just purchased, and three new classrooms are currently in the design and construction phase for a new kindergarten.

Current Project Needs

As we continue moving forward with advancing the education of the youth in Ceylan, there are several projects that will need funding:

  • Additional classrooms are always needed at the primary school level. Each classroom is $13,000.
  • Classrooms throughout Ceylan and the surrounding communities need fresh coats of paint each year. $500 can paint one school.
  • Playground for the small children at the kindergarten has been requested. $2,000
  • Kitchen and washing area at the new kindergarten are needed. This costs $8,000
  • Monthly food distribution for the elderly is a constant need. This comes to $600 per month

Small Level Projects