Fight Human-trafficking in India

Campaign: Fight Human-trafficking in India


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Beautiful murals at Sneha Shelter Home

So much love in the drop-in centers

The future of India

The Village Experience began its work in battling human-trafficking in 2012. One of our first partners was Sanlaap, based in Kolkata, India. Together we have constructed rescue centers, renovated drop-in centers, launched vocational skills training programs, created fair trade product, and equipped the center with much needed basic necessities. Sanlaap works tirelessly to prevent, rescue, rehabilitate, and reintegrate young girls that find themselves trapped in the sex trade. It has been our pleasure to assist them whenever possible and to help educate our network on the topic.

Social Justice Education
Human-trafficking is a world-wide problem that effects the most vulnerable populations in the world. India serves as a source, destination, and transit country for men, women, and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking. A huge amount of public awareness and education is needed to tackle this problem and efforts to train law enforcement, judiciary, and healthcare workers is incredibly essential.

Past Accomplishments
Together with Sanlaap and partners, we have constructed a three-floor rescue center for young women that have been given the green light to leave the center and work out in the world. This center was then equipped with beds, mattresses, kitchen appliances, and furniture. We then constructed and launched a vocational skills training center that focuses on jewelry making and tailoring. We have also renovated drop-in centers in the red light districts and provided much needed operating support.

Current Project Needs

Our next projects with Sanlaap include the following:

  • Purchase of SUV to assist the center in taking the young girls to court appointments, medical checkups, dance recitals, and more. $16,000
  • Support of social worker/counselor salary for one year at the shelter home. This salary would provide much needed counseling to over 130 girls at the home. $6,000

Small Level Projects