Medical Clinic and Community Outreach

Campaign: Medical Clinic and Community Outreach


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The Village Experience partnered with The Lake Nakuru Lodge to build a new medical clinic in the village of Mbaruk, Kenya in 2011. This area has a high population of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and rural communities in need of proper access to healthcare. The clinic boasts a doctor, pharmacists, on-call nurse, and security and is the only medical facility within a few hours walk.

Social Justice Education
After the 2007/2008 election violence and the displacement of thousands of people throughout Kenya, IDPs were suddenly all over the Great Rift Valley. Refugees within their own country, these families struggle to provide basic healthcare, education, and housing for themselves as they await resettlement by the government. Our medical clinic not only provides basic healthcare to the IDPs living in the Nakuru area, but also provides for local communities out of reach of surrounding clinics.

Past Accomplishments
The Village Experience has provided funding for the complete renovation and construction of the medical clinic. We have also provided all of the beds, including a maternity outfit, surgical equipment, trolleys, lighting, curtains, and much needed lab processing machinery.

Current Project Needs

The medical clinic in Mbaruk is always looking to improve and accommodate the ever-increasing amount of people needing treatment. We are currently in need of the following:

  • We are hoping to provide at least $5,000 in operating support to ensure that our doctor, pharmacist, and nurse are properly compensated and the clinic expenses are paid.
  • Nurse Eileen and her BUV could use $2,500 to assist in the community outreach program to reach patients that are not able to make it into the clinic and provide specialized treatments including cancer screens, small-scale surgeries, and rehabilitation/therapy. Nurse Eileen also provides vitamin distribution thanks to our partners at Vitamin Angels.

Small Level Projects