Protecting our Youth in India

Campaign: Protecting our Youth in India


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All dressed up at Nijuloy House

Vocational skills training workshop

Community Hotel in Bolphur

The Village Experience has been partnered with Women’s Interlink Foundation and Made by Survivors in Kolkata, India for many years. We whole-heartedly believe in their mission to prevent trafficking with the implementation of programs in source villages, such as Bolphur. We have witnessed their efforts in rescuing and rehabilitating young girls. Income-generating programs such as fair trade production, spice grinding, baking, and others have given the girls an outlet for their frustrations and a means to beginning their life anew. We support the programs of these two great organizations and find great joy in changing these young girl’s lives for the best.

Social Justice Education
Human-trafficking is a world-wide problem that effects the most vulnerable populations in the world. India serves as a source, destination, and transit country for men, women, and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking. A huge amount of public awareness and education is needed to tackle this problem and efforts to train law enforcement, judiciary, and healthcare workers is incredibly essential.

Past Accomplishments
The Village Experience has provided funding for a variety of programs with Women’s Interlink Foundation and Made by Survivors. We began with a complete overhaul of one of the jewelry centers at Child Care Home. We then built an additional floor to Nijuloy Home to provide for vocational skills training programs and additional dorms. In 2014, we built our first Community-based hotel in Bolphur in an effort to keep jobs in the village and prevent the mass exodus of young girls to the big cities…where they often fall victim to traffickers. We have also launched yoga programs at both shelter homes and fully funded 15 street kids programs throughout Kolkata.

Current Project Needs

Projects of this scale are in constant need of support for the amazing work they do on a daily basis. Our next steps with Women’s Interlink Foundation and Made by Survivors include the following:

  • Purchase of SUV to assist the center in taking the young girls to court appointments, medical checkups, dance recitals, and more. $16,000
  • Renovation of Nijuloy Home including latrines, showers, pipes, and sanitation system. General upkeep of the building is hard to find support for and we want to be ensure that the girls are safe and healthy in their living quarters.  $15,000
  • Support of the street kids program throughout the slums of Kolkata. Each center costs $2,500 to support for an entire year. There are 15 centers in total.