Haiti 2011: Day 2!

Day 2 in Haiti began with an exploration of The Village Experience’s partnerships in micro-financing.

Our group was able to attend the yearly meeting of individuals that have received loans to start their own businesses and have been using that money to build better lives for their family!

It was encouraging and inspiring to see how donations can make a huge change in another person’s life.

From there, it was time for a treat and we made a visit to a local bakery, La Baguette, which is a one of the micro-enterprises through Zafen.  We got to sample their delicious products such as cakes and patties.

Our group then got to meet with the members of Delice, a group at the Sugar Cane Museum that makes stunning beaded crafts.  We saw eyeglass holders, handbags, voodoo flags, and many other lovely items that highlighted the artisans’ skill and art.
After spending time in the city we traveled up a nearby mountain where we were able to see for miles and enjoy the panoramic view.

We finished the day learning more about Haiti’s history while relaxing with drinks at the Oloffson Hotel at the center of Port au Prince and then enjoyed dinner at our hotel.

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