Haiti 2011: Day 5

After yesterdays long day of construction, the group enjoyed a relaxing day of taking in the beauty throughout Jacmel. We began with a ride through small villages to the entry of Bassin Bleu – a waterfall deep in the mountains, but well worth the hike.

We repelled down the rocks to get to the base of the falls and then dove right in. The cool water felt amazing in the intense heat that is Haiti!

Even though Matt lost his glasses and now we have to lead him around, it was a great experience!!
From Bassin Bleu we headed straight to the beaches of Jacmel for a seafood lunch of lobster, conch, and fish. The afternoon was spent laying on the beach, swimming in the crystal clear ocean waters, napping and reading. A day of relaxation much needed.
Before dinner, we stopped to try passionfruit rum and watch the sunset. We came to a consensus that passionfruit rum tastes more like diesel fuel flavored with cinnamon, but it was well worth a tasting.

Dinner was at an open air restaurant/hotel on top of a small hill- the group must have enjoyed it as they cleaned their plates and went up for seconds and thirds.
No late nights today – I think Amy fell asleep before she hit the bed!