Haiti 2011: Day 6

Today, we spent a wonderful day in Jacmel with The Art Creation Foundation for Children (ACFFC). ACFFC works with 95 street children to enroll them in school, provide nutritional meals, and teach them art therapy methods. We arrived to e thrown right into an activity with the children- paper mache. This proved to be a great bonding activity between the children and our passengers. Each passenger was paired up with one of the children and given a mold in which to create their own work of paper mache art- from tap taps to flying birds to bowls of fruit. Everyone had a great time getting their hands dirty and sharing their own personal stories.

Once it was time for the paper mache to dry, we joined the children for a lunch of rice, beans, and sausage and talked about our jobs and our career paths. This proved to be quite comical as we not only learned about the children, but we learned a great deal about each other.

After lunch, we walked with the children to school and sat in on one of their classes. We were able to see more of Jacmel on this walk and further befriend the children. Sitting in on the class was a real treat and provided great insight into the daily lives of these children and how the importance of education. As we left the children at school, we journeyed back to the ACFFC Center to meet some of the older children and learn about their new mosaic art wall leading to the beach. This is an income-generating project for the center and a wonderful way to beautiful the city of Jacmel. We spent a great deal of time learning about the wall and the symbolism within the wall. We shared in some wonderful stories with the children and promised to come back often!

In keeping with the art theme, we arranged dinner and drinks at the Fosaj Art Gallery in downtown Jacmel. The amazing artwork provided the perfect backdrop to reflect on our activities throughout the day. Some of us even left with one-of-a-kind pieces of Haitian art – a constant reminder of the incredible day we had.