How to Help


How to Help

Thank you for your support!! Every purchase you make, trip you participate in, or donation you give makes a difference in the lives of our partner communities around the world.

Ways To Make A Difference:

  • Shop fair trade!! The more you shop via online, in store, or at events, the more TVE can purchase. The more TVE purchases, the more jobs, money, and opportunities we bring to artisans in the developing world.
  • Travel with The Village Experience on a socially responsible tourism trip. We have made a commitment to only use locally owned and operated hotels, pay our guides and drivers fair wages, frequent local restaurants, take passengers to women’s cooperatives for shopping, and donate to TVC projects with each person that travels with us.
  • Pick a Village Cooperative project and get involved! Donate to the ongoing progress of our medical clinic, nursery school, or small business program in Kenya, lend a hand to the artisan project and orphanage in Thailand, help us help former street children in Haiti, and donate to helping the malnourished and elderly living within the communities TVE works with in Guatemala.


  • Host an event: Bring your group to us or we’ll bring The Village Experience to you! TVE would love to come to your festival, community event, college campus or church gathering to sell products and discuss our mission. We also open up our store for parties and charity fundraisers! Contact for details.
  • Collect Donations: We carry medical supplies, school supplies and other materials to our projects abroad. To find out about upcoming donation needs, please contact us at!
  • Spread the Word about TVE! We love your facebook and twitter shout outs, the recommendations you make to friends and family, blog entries –everything! As a grassroots business,we owe our success to our wonderful community!