Kids, kids, and even more kids in Kenya!

So Many Kids!

Today the group visited the Africa Gospel Baby Center to learn about their mission and interact with the more than 40 children at the center. Even though this involved dirty diapers, projectile vomiting, and many crying babies, the group bonded with the children and left knowing they were well taken care of and loved. Kelly is pretty confident she won’t be having children for awhile after 3 hours of this!

From there the group went into Nakuru Town for lunch and shopping at the local market. People bought drums, jewelry, masai clubs, and many other Kenyan treasures. We had lunch at an Indian restaurant – quite interesting to watch people try Indian food for the first time!

After lunch, we proceeded to Child Discovery Center to meet with the children here and see their facilities. The new girls dorm is almost ready for move in and the tilapia fish farm is thriving with more than 3,000 fish ready to be harvested. The group fed the fish (and some attempted to catch them, but didn’t quite succeed). We delivered much needed cooking supplies to help offset the cost of feeding the more than 90 children, especially in these times when the drought has caused food prices to sky rocket.  We’ll be dropping 2 sewing machines here next week so the girls who have graduated can start learning tailoring.

After we said goodbye at CDC, we went to meet Mr. Muya at the New Life Children’s Home. He is now on the board of this home and will bring it into our circle of projects. There are two homes the administrators, George and Laura, operate. We visited both and were thoroughly impressed with the level of care given to the children and the quality of the facility. We shared tea with the administrators and promised to return and tell others about the good work they are doing. Mr. Muya offered to arrange a safari for all the children in Lake Nakuru National Park and swimming days at The Summit each month – you should have seen the joy and excitement on the kids faces on hearing this!

After a long day of kids, kids, and even more kids…we had dinner and went to bed early!!

*** To see some pictures of this great adventure, check out Kelly’s Facebook page ***