More and more TVE updates!

Another live blog post from world travelers Kelly and Karrah! Their second day in Thailand sounds pretty amazing – great shopping, ethnic food, and evening foot massages… who else is feeling a bit jealous? We’re proud of how much they’ve accomplished so far, and can’t wait to hear more about their trip! Keep checking back for more and more updates.

“We had a great day at the conference and connected to a lodge run by the Karen Hill Tribe in Northern Thailand. Karrah and I will be headed to Chiang Mai to inspect the lodge, meet with the local villagers, and find out what kinds of handicraft products are being made. We also found a great hotel in Bangkok to work with that our groups are sure to love.¬†We enjoyed street food, shopping, and a much needed foot massage in the evening. Stay tuned!”

ON ANOTHER NOTE: The Village Experience will be at Penrod tomorrow! Swing by and see our new products, including beautiful jewelry from around the world! Maybe you can even knock out some holiday gift shopping?…