News From Haiti: Day 3

Today, The Village Experience was joined by Suzanne Sterling from Off the Mat into the World and Lisa McFadin from Helping Hands for a Sustainable Haiti. The team met the founder of Fonkoze and the Association of the Peasants of Fondwa, Father Joseph, and embarked on our own journey through the mountains to the projects in Fondwa. We were amazed at the scenery, landscape, color, vegetation, and sheer beauty of rural Haiti.

Father Joseph showed us the earthquake damaged community center that we will all play a role in helping to rebuild. We made a visit to the primary school, the orphanage, the University of Fondwa, the bakery, the radio station, the credit union, the restaurant, and the Fondwa branch of Fonkoze. We discussed as tree planting initiative as well and ended the morning with a wonderful meal. From there it was off to inspect 3 hotels in Jacmel and get a taste of the beach. We then checked into the Florita Hotel in Jacmel Town and met with Lisa Rueff from the Jacmel Children’s Center and together the whole team discussed ways to work together to reach the most marginalized communities in Jacmel.

It was a long, hot, and exhausting day, complete with yet another flat tire, but it was a complete success in developing our Haiti program!