News from Haiti: Kelly and Amy’s Haitian Adventure

Today Amy King and I arrived in Haiti…my first time and Amy’s 6th. It was a beautiful day and much less hectic at the airport than I expected. We met Amy’s entourage of Haitian friends who promptly took us to our hotel to get settled. We started our meetings right off the bat with our guides and made a game plan to site inspect 3 new hotels in the Port au Prince area. Despite the destruction from last year’s earthquake and the lack of information available on the internet, we were able to find some great options for our future groups. I was thoroughly impressed with all 3 hotels we visited today, and I’m excited to see all the ones we have lined up to inspect tomorrow.

Just from being here one day, I can tell that The Village Experience will soon have a major presence here partnering with much deserving non-profits to bring about change, promote Haiti as a tourist destination, and connect local artisans to a market in the U.S. We are excited to meet all the people working in Fondwa, Jacmel, and Port au Prince that we have begun a working relationship with. To see the projects first hand will be moving and inspirational for all of us.

Stay tuned as Kelly and Amy’s Haitian Adventure moves into day 2…