The Village Cooperative

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MISSION: The Village Cooperative is a charitable organization dedicated to the creation and support of income-generating projects in the developing world.


VISION: To empower villages around the world to become self-sustaining through the implementation of handicraft projects, micro-financing enterprises, small business development, and vocational skills training.


DONATE: The Village Cooperative is a registered 501(C) 3, non-profit organization. Our tax exempt id number is 26-4098400. You will receive a tax exempt letter at the end of the year stating your contribution. Donate electronically through our Paypal site.


WHERE WE WORK: The Village Cooperative works with partner villages in rural Kenya, Uganda, Thailand, India, Guatemala, and India. Here are some of our major accomplishments….

  • TVC has donated over $300,000 to our partners in Kenya, Thailand, Guatemala, and Haiti.
  • TVC has worked in partnership with our communities in Kenya to start 12 small businesses including motorbike taxi company, party rental business, soap and basket-making, organic farming, and handicraft center.
  • Together, TVC and TVE opened The Village Experience Medical Clinic serving over 120,000 rural Kenyans in the Nakuru area in 2011.
  • TVC opened a Nursery School for 150 children in Geera Village in Mbita, Kenya in 2011.
  • TVC worked in partnership with The Lake Nakuru Lodge to convert an IDP Camp for 255 families into a thriving eco-village in Nakuru – land, new homes, fruit trees, small businesses, and access to the new medical clinic in 2010.
  • TVC rebuilt The University of Fondwa in Haiti after the devastating earthquake of January 2010 in partnership with our clients, Off the Mat into the World.
  • Together, TVC and TVE opened The Village Experience Artisan Workshop with the Baan Than Namchai Foundation in Takapua, Thailand in 2012. 
  • TVC regularly contributes to our partners in Guatemala to assist in the food and medicine distribution program for the elderly and malnourished.
  • TVC has donated funding to build homes for the widows of Live Long Self Help Widows group in Geera Village and for the children and families involved in the Art Creation Foundation for Children in Jacmel, Haiti.


1. Gary Rowe Community Center located in Mbita, Kenya.

We are so proud of everything Geera Village has accomplished through their motorbike taxi company, party rental company, tailoring shop, organic gardens, and more that we want to help ensure the success and security of the project. This large scale building will serve many purposes for the community.

a) It will house all of the administrative offices for our small business program.

b) It will serve as a training center and storage unit for basket-making, soap making, tailoring, and others.

c) It will house an income-generating cyber cafe (10 laptops are needed).

d) It will serve as a place of worship for the community on Sundays.

GOAL – $20,000 (laptops can easily be purchased for $400 each)

2. TVE Medical Clinic in Nakuru, Kenya.

The first phase of construction and renovation has been completed and now over 120,000 rural Kenyan, including those in our IDP Camp program, now have access to medical care. A bore hole providing clean water is now on site and fruit trees have been planted. We will be starting phase two to construct a maternity ward soon. We are always in need of basic first aid items such as bandages, children’s vitamins and ibuprofen, gauze, thermometers, scrubs, and financial donations to help in securing antibiotics and more specialized medicines in Kenya.

GOAL – $50,000

3. Food distribution to the malnourished and elderly in rural communities in the Esquintla Province of Guatemala.

We have been providing food and basic medicines to the elderly in 4 different villages in rural Guatemala for the past 5 years. We are always looking for people to help donate to this program so our partners can make sure those most in need and unable to care for themselves are looked after. We are also in need of thermometers and baby scales for the medical clinics in the villages.

GOAL – $5,000 (we will take any and all donations towards this project as every little bit helps!)

4. Income-generating Cyber Cafe for the youth of Mwariki, Kenya.

We are raising funds to construct a building on donated land in the village of Mwariki to build an income-generating cyber cafe to be run by the youth of Mwariki Village. This cyber cafe will be open to the community for a small fee to learn computer skills, do research for school, check email, create presentations, and connect to the larger world in general. We are in need of funds for the building and donations for 10 laptops.

GOAL – $15,000 (laptops can easily be purchased for $400 each)

5. Building homes for families of the children involved in the Art Creation Foundation for Children in Jacmel, Haiti.

We have provided funding for 3 homes thus far and would like to help with several more. The children in ACFFC are former street children and many do not have proper housing in which to live. We are helping to build basic structures to provide a safe environment for the children and their extended families.

GOAL – $5,100 (each home is $1700 to construct)

6. Building new homes for the widows of Live Long Self Help Widows Group in Geera Village, Kenya.

There are over 30 widows in this self help group that take care of the ever increasing number of orphans in the village. These widows are in desperate need of new homes with proper metal roofs, especially during rainy season. We have built 6 new homes and would like to keep going until all the women in the program have a new home for themselves and their unique families.

GOAL – $9,000 (each home is $300 to construct)

7. Help women in rural Guatemala purchase refrigerators as an income-generating project.

We love this project! Providing a woman in a rural village with a loan of a refrigerator means that she can store food for people in the community and sell cold ice cream, milk, water, soft drinks, and ice. It is the perfect income-generating project!

GOAL – $5,000 (each refrigerator is $500)

8. Hoops for Haiti project to build new basketball court and dental clinic for orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti.

We are collaborating with The Bluevine Collective to help raise funds for a brand new income-generating basketball clinic and dental clinic at a local orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti. Both of these facilities will help to bring money in to pay for basic operating costs for the orphanage, provide much needed dental services to the community, and become a place of exercise and recreation for the community.

GOAL – $20,000 (This will allow us to build the basketball court through a Haitian company and provide roofing and final touches to the dental clinic)

9. Help an orphanage in Khao Lak, Thailand purchase coffee machines for their income-generating Coffee Shop and Bakery.

On our last trip to Thailand, we fell in love with this organization. They currently have one coffee machine and bake cookies, muffins, and banana bread. After the training phase is over, they would like to be able to serve drinks and snacks quickly to tourists and locals passing by. In order to do this, they need an additional coffee machine or two and another oven. The profits from this Coffee Shop and Bakery go directly to paying the operating expenses of the attached orphanage. We love using business as a means of sustaining a much deserving project!

GOAL – $5,000