TVE Makes an Impact and Safari Splash

Fair Trade Day and a Big Thank You

This morning we went to Mwariki Village to spend time with the women of Heart to Heart and Black Sheep. Beth and Eileen introduced the groups and had the chair lady speak to us about the recycled paper jewelry. Gladys then demonstrated how the beads are made and allowed each person to make their own beads out of an old poster. The group couldn’t believe how beautiful the beads were and that they were indeed made out of paper…and not painted! They went crazy buying gifts of jewelry, aprons, baskets, and tshirts.

The ladies of Black Sheep then showed the group how to spin wool and create items such as scarves, gloves, hats, stuffed animals, and rugs. It was great fun watching Evan spin wool!

After purchasing products from Black Sheep, we moved into the kitchen and learned how to make chapati! Beth and the women demonstrated the process and each person tried to create their own Kenyan snack. As soon as they were cooked, the entire group shared chapati and tea. We then went to see one of the Heart to Heart women’s homes – she has a tree nursery, harvests castor oil, grows bananas, and has an organic garden. This is all thanks to our programs. She is doing a wonderful job and providing for her family.

After speaking in depth with the 30 women, we decided to grant each woman a $50 stipend to go to a vocational training program. The women are interested in computer training, tailoring, leather-making, and hair dressing. This is an exciting project as each woman will develop another skill which will allow them to further provide for their families. One of the passengers, Mark, donated funding to get this started. If you’d like to make a $50 donation to help us reach our goal of all 30 women going to vocational school, please contact us at You will truly be making a difference in these women’s lives and their ability to take care of their children.

Following the visit to Mwariki, The Village Experience and Mr. Muya decided to thank the group for all of their hard work at the clinic by taking them into Lake Nakuru National Park and to The Lake Nakuru Lodge for lunch, swimming, and safari. They were so excited to see the lodge where so much community work is based and meet the dedicated staff. We were lucky on safari that we spotted 4 lions, 3 groups of rhino, herds of buffalo, tons of giraffe, a family of wart hogs, and the infamous pink flamingos of Nakuru!

After a day full of excitement, we headed back to the guesthouse to have dinner and pack up for our journey to Tenweck Hospital in Bomet the following morning.

*** To see pictures of the group’s activities, check out Kelly’s Facebook page ***