5 Days Until International Women’s Day!!

Today’s Group: Duang Prateep

The Duang Prateep Foundation began in 1978 to work with the urban poor in Thailand. In response to the Tsunami of 2004, this organization expanded its services to Phangnga Province to help the remaining survivors, mostly children. This foundation supports orphanages, handicraft centers, kindergartens, community development projects and much more. The women of Duang Prateep engage in income-generating projects to help themselves and to support local children’s homes, such as Baan Tharn Namchai, where The Village Experience works. The Village Experience sells many of these products in our store in Indianapolis. These products include silk robes, wine totes, rosette clutches, and ID holders.

Support Duang Prateep by shopping at The Village Experience, travelling with us to Thailand, or making a donation.