Adventures in Thailand!

Meetings Meetings Meetings!!

After 3 days of meetings with hotel managers, tour operators, adventure agents and many more, I am confident we have some great partnerships in Thailand! The Tourism Authority of Thailand’s  2011 theme is “Caring for the Earth” with a new initiative on focusing on green tourism in a holistic manner. This includes staying at Green Leaf hotels, working with local tour operators and interacting and giving back to the local community; what TVE has been doing all along! I saw many old faces and some new while continuing the research in developing this amazing program. What other conference has a happy hour at the end of each night?!? Buddy Hotel Group knows how to throw a party with full refrigerators and hundreds of cases of Tiger beer in tow!

Throughout the week I saw new sights in Bangkok including the King’s Palace, Pratunam Wholesale Market-a girl’s shopping dream-the Dome at the Labua Hotel-yep the infamous sight of the taping of The Hangover 2- and enjoyed all the hustle and bustle of this city, including a very interesting river boat cruise!

The food continues to amaze me every year I am here and I cannot believe each food stall is better than the next-whole roasted rotisserie chicken and duck, salt packed grilled whole fish, grilled squid, pork belly skewers and so much more!
My next week will be filled with working with our group in Khao Lak, Duang Prateep Foundation, in developing new products. We will start from scratch in creating samples, picking fabrics, finishes, hardware, trim, etc to bring loyal TVE shoppers hip new fair trade items. It will be an exciting productive week!

Stay tuned for pics and updates!
Sawadee from Thailand!!

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