Another Fun Day…

Shaping up to be an amazing trip for our travelers!

“Today we toured the CBIRD facility in the North East with PDA. CBIRD is a center for rural development focused on creating and keeping jobs in the region. We saw a Lacoste factory, a Nike factory, a jeans factory, and a lingerie factory all operating on PDA land. Its a unique way of generating income for PDA and their projects and creating employment for local villagers.

One of the surprises of the day came when we met with a group of HIV+ women who were making candles as an income generating project. They were excited to see the products in hopes they might work for the store, but what we found was not quite TVE material. Leave to Cabbage and Condoms to make penis candles!

The group then proceeded to a basket making project and a silk weaving project located in the heart of the village. The girls will have new scarves in the store as soon as they get back.

They ended the day by visiting a frog and grasshopper breeding project. So cool!”