Countdown to International Women’s Day, March 8!

This week, in anticipation of International Women’s Day, March 8, TVE will be celebrating the women’s groups who make what we do possible–talented, resourceful women who have overcome great hardship and found empowerment through fair trade.

Today’s group: SHE Thailand

Over 2.8 million women are involved in the sex-trade in Thailand. Many are forced to enter the trade through coercion or lack of alternate employment. SHE Thailand seeks to end the cycle of abuse by befriending women in the brothels and bars of Bangok and offering them support, first and foremost, and then housing and vocational training. In the safe space of SHE Thailand, women are able to recover from the trauma of their experiences and start building a new life for themselves. With the help of trainers, they learn to make unique freshwater pearl jewelry, for sale in Thailand and at The Village Experience. They also have the opportunity to learn English in preparation for jobs in the tourist industry. TVE is working to encourage our hotel partners in Thailand to employ graduates of the SHE program in order to help them continue on their path to self-reliance.

Support the SHE Thailand women’s project by shopping at TVE, traveling with us to Thailand, or making a donation. And don’t forget to celebrate the strong women in your life this month!