Designs for New Products Are Underway!

I worked at the orphanage again on Tuesday and Wednesday focusing on getting samples made of the new designs. We sketched out an envelope wallet design and mini purse with shoulder strap design. I went with the girls to the marketplace to look at fabric and explain to them the colors we were seeing trending for fall and how we wanted to incorporate them in our new products. One thing that is always difficult is maintaining a sense of the local style and culture in the design, while being very functioning and in style in our market as well. We discussed this and came up with 2 great concepts! I asked for finalized samples by end of day Thursday so I can okay the design and we can get an order into production.

I will also be visiting another tsunami relief handicraft center funded by the Japanese. If the products are a good fit, you will see them debut in the TVE store next week!

A great couple of days so far!