Haiti 2011: Day 3!

The third day of our journey we had a traditional Haitian breakfast called “Spamghetti.”  It’s a spaghetti dish combined with spam!

We traveled to the city of Fondwa where we were introduced to the Association of the Peasants of Fondwa.  We also toured Fondwa University and learned more about the area.  The earthquake devastation was very apparent here as we walked through the village.

We were encouraged when we toured the Fonkoze Center distribution and bakery.  These are income-generating efforts that are helping the people to rebuild.

While at the university we got to hear the student’s personal stories as we conversed with them and helped them with their English speaking skills.
Another area being rebuilt was the orphanage and school run by the Association of the Peasant of Fondwa Community Center.  We were thrilled to meet the nuns in charge and spend time with the children playing games such as jump rope and blowing bubbles.  It was well worth the long hike to get there!

We also heard a presentation from a representative from APF.

It was a particularly special day for a member of our group, Justin, who was able to reconnect with people that he had met on a previous trip to the area.

Lastly, we journeyed on to Jacmel and settled in at our new hotel and enjoyed a fun and educational dinner.