Haiti 2011: Day 4

Today was our day of construction with the Association of the Peasants of Fondwa (APF). Our group, in partnership with The Village Cooperative, funded a really cool project at the University of Fondwa. We purchased materials to convert an old sea container into a dormitory for 8 students at the university. The group worked hard clearing out and cleaning the container, measured and marked for all the windows and doors, and then spent the afternoon cutting the plywood insulation that will line the walls of the container. The welder comes tomorrow to actually cut and install the windows and doors and the group will get to see the completed container on Friday.


This is a great first project for The Village Experience in Haiti. We hope to fund the renovation of the other two containers at the university with future groups of responsible tourists.
In the afternoon, Justin arranged for us to visit the family he has been working with for years to learn about her small coffee business. Everyone enjoyed a cup of sweet, carmelized Haitian coffee and Mark got to play soccer with the local kids in Fondwa.

For dinner, we enjoyed a candlelit meal at The Florita Hotel and reflected on the previous days activities. We then decided to give the local nightlife scene a whirl (literally) and tasted local rums, scotchs, and tequilas. Needless to say we danced the night away…even in the rain!