Karrah ate WHAT?

Another amazing recap of Kelly and Karrah’s adventures in Thailand….If you’d like to see more photos of their trip, check out the Facebook albums!

Wednesday: “What a full day! We set off early this morning with PDA to visit three rural villages that are a part of the Village Development Partnership Program. We were thoroughly impressed with the small business ventures happening in the village – from oyster mushroom farming to producing dishwashing liquid to making chili paste to creating handicrafts. Karrah got to practice spinning silk straight from the silkworm (then she ate one!!) – silkworms are eaten as a snack in Thailand. Kelly worked with the local women to pick fabrics and provide direction on how to translate local products to the foreign markets. We were so honored to be given such a warm welcome in each village and especially loved the song and dance routine put on by the local students. What a memorable day!”

Tuesday: After a long journey back to Bangkok, we spent the morning inspecting a new hotel and then made a visit to Night Light to say hi to the 80 women employed by this organization. Night Light rescues women out of human trafficking and prostitution rings and gives them shelter, counseling, day care, and vocational skills training in jewelry making. We checked out the new designs, spent some time getting to know the women, and learned about future plans to open a fair trade retail store in their neighborhood. The afternoon was spent driving to the NorthEast with 6 members of PDA – Population and Development Assistance. We checked into the Cabbage and Condoms hotel and enjoyed dinner and conversation about PDA projects. The next few days will be spent exploring these exciting projects!