Paint, Paint, and More Paint!

The group has spent the last three days painting the inside of the new medical clinic in Mburak Village. TVE reps Kelly, Beth, Eileen, and Danson couldn’t believe how fast this group worked and how professional they were in the execution of the project. The first day the entire base coat and filler was applied and given time to dry. The second day the main coat was applied and left to dry. Today, a second coat was applied and the floor thoroughly cleaned before calling it a “job well done!” We left paint, supplies, and cleaning materials behind so that the local community could continue the renovation process. It’s amazing where this center has come from the first time TVE saw it in January – new tiles are on the floor, the roof tiles were taken down and individually cleaned, new doors with locks were installed, walls were built and partitioned, all the cracks in the ceiling were repaired, and the soot and dirt were cleaned out of the building. The village committee for the medical center couldn’t be more happy at the job done by the group from Crawfordsville UMC.
After finishing the project, the group insisted on going back to the former IDP Camp to spend more time with the families there. They met with the women’s groups to buy handbags, sought out the youth group making bracelets, tracked down the 2 week old baby girl in the camp, brought their guitars to share in song, and Nurse Eileen and Barbie made a game plan to help some of the children in need of medical attention. It was a beautiful day to walk through the village and bond with our new friends. The group talked the entire way back to the guesthouse about their individual experiences and about how much they will miss the wonderful people of Mburak and the former IDP Camp.
Kelly met with the engineer and architect in charge of the medical center project at the guesthouse and promised to do her best to raise the remaining $10,000 needed to finish the renovations. Once the renovations are finished, the Ministry of Health from Kenya will approve the center and supply the staff and medicines the community so desperately needs. Please consider donating to the medical center or traveling with TVE back to Kenya November 19-30! Email for more information. To see pictures of our Kenya trip go to