Shop til ya drop!

It’s not always easy being a professional shopper….

“Today we literally shopped ’til we dropped! We spent over 5 hours scouring the Chatuchuk market in Bangkok. Through intense heat and humidity and crowds of people, we made our way through entire markets of silver, fabrics, furniture, food, clothing, ceramics, etc. You name it, Chatuchuk has it. 5 hours wasn’t nearly enough! We proceeded to Nana to check out the market there, but Kelly caved to the heat and got sick. Once she recovered and had a break, Karrah literally fainted and fell down on her way to the bathroom. We kept trying to shop, but our bodies were rebelling!! We barely made it back to the hotel in one piece before collapsing into bed in preparation for a long journey to Chiang Mai in the morning. Proof that TVE goes to the ends of the Earth and literally “shops ’til they drop”  to find the best stuff for its customers!!