The Village Cooperative


MISSION: The Village Cooperative is a charitable organization dedicated to the creation and support of income-generating projects in the developing world.


VISION: To empower villages around the world to become self-sustaining through the implementation of handicraft projects, micro-financing enterprises, small business development, and vocational skills training.


DONATE: The Village Cooperative is a registered 501(C) 3, non-profit organization. Our tax exempt id number is 26-4098400. You will receive a tax exempt letter at the end of the year stating your contribution. Donate electronically here.

WHERE WE WORK: The Village Cooperative works with partner villages in rural Kenya, Uganda, Thailand, India, Guatemala, and India. Here are some of our major accomplishments….TVE has organized and led more than 125 trips to countries all over the world including Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Israel, Jordan, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Haiti. TVC has donated over $1 million to our partners in Kenya, Thailand, India, Guatemala, and Haiti. Together TVE and TVC has opened medical clinics, schools, community centers, cyber cafes, artisan workshops, and small businesses with our partners in order to create jobs, empower local communities, and improve the standard of living in all of the places where we work.

    • TVE launched the Opportunity Collection (an exclusive, high end fair trade line sourced in Kenya and India) in 2012 in order to further support our partners and bring awareness to the idea of fair trade and artisan craftsmanship.
    •  TVE and TVC have been featured in the media including Indianapolis Star, FOX 59, Indianapolis Monthly, Indianapolis Business Journal, NUVO,, Immersion Travel Magazine, AFAR online, Delta Sky Magazine, Origin Magazine, and many more!