Vocational Skills Training Center Opening at Child Discovery Center


Saidia Food Drop

After the group completed the medical clinic in Nakuru, we spent the following day working at two children’s home. We started out going to Saidia Children’s Home in Gilgil. Saidia is home to over 50 young children. Thanks to a generous donation from Kids Against Hunger in Indiana, the team was able to deliver enough food for over 360 meals! Jane and Teresa, the administrators, were overjoyed at receiving the food as it will not only help at the orphanage but in their outreach program in the community as well. We had a great morning at the center and I was able to bond with one of my favorite little guys, Stephen Moushiri. He came to the orphanage when he was 1 week old and has been there ever since. I met him when he was 2 years old and pretty sick.  Now he’s 5, healthy, and happy as can be.

Hillary at Saidia

After Saidia, we headed to the Child Discovery Center in the free area of Nakuru. This center is home to over 80 children – these kids are a bit older, smart, creative, and just looking for an opportunity. We started a tilapia fish farm here last year and it continues to thrive with over 4,000 fish! We hung out with the kids and helped them in an art activity, dished out lunch, and then officially opened The Village Experience Vocational Skills Training Center.
The center will teach tailoring and barbershop skills to begin. We provided funding for 8 sewing machines, fabric, and supplies for the tailoring school. We also purchased 5 electronic shavers, desks, mirrors, aprons, and additional materials for the barbershop. The older kids at the center will be able to learn valuable skills and the training center will also be open to the community and function as an income-generating business for CDC. Our next step is to set up the t-shirt screen printing center and the IT center. We’ve already been asked to open the same kind of center in two new places, so if anyone is interested in helping, please contact us!

CDC Feeding Program

Art Project